Welcome to The Old Clock House

Established in 2004, we are a Brisbane based antique clock shop, dealing with sales and repair of all forms of antique clocks and barometer. Our store is located in Wynnum and we have a wide variety of antique clocks, grandfather’s clock, grandmother’s clock, mantle clocks, electric clocks and barometers available for sale. The Old Clock House is operated by Martin Willis. Martin and his team provide high-quality restoration, conservation and other horology related services. All mechanical work is carried out in our fully-equipped workshop located in Wynnum, a Bay side suburb. Martin’s effort has made The Old Clock House the obvious choice for enquiries, sales, service and repairs of antique clocks and barometers.

We operate from a private house. So, please call us on ( 0413 626 929 to fix an appointment and we would be glad to have you here.

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Antique mantel and shelf clocks

Mantle and shelf clocks were originally built in France in 1750’s. They were built as small house clocks to be placed on a mantlepiece or a shelf. We have some lovely mantle clocks available for sale. They are made of wood, marble, brass, and other materials. Both chiming and non-chiming varieties are available with us.

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Electric clocks

The first electric clock was invented by Alexandar Bain in 1843. They were invented to show more accurate time as compared to mechanical clocks. Please visit our shop and select from a wide range of electric clocks available for sale. Our clocks are not just polished; they are completed restored before sale.

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Grandfather’s clock

Also known as tall-case clock, floor clock, and long-case clock, grandfather’s clocks are free-standing weight driven clocks that operate with the help of pendulum. Our grandfather’s clocks are perfect for churches, vintage-themed living rooms, and for anyone who loves antiques.

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Antique barometers have become a highly-prized complements for vintage-styled decors. If you are looking for one, do visit our shop. We will help you gain more knowledge about each of them. We have stick barometers, wheel barometers, aneroid barometers, and other varieties to choose from.

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What We Do

Clock repairs and restoration

The technicians at The Old Clock House are fully trained and equipped to provide repair and restoration services for all types of antique clocks and barometer. Our services include dial restoration, replacement of faulty parts, case restoration, and much more. We provide 100% guarantee on our workmanship.

Antique clock sales

If you want to buy or gift an antique clock, please visit our showroom to have a look at our collection. We have a wide variety of vintage clocks ready for sale. You can buy them for your home, office, church, or for gifting purpose. All clocks are covered under warranty.

Barometer repairs and sales

Martin and his team specialise in servicing, repair and restoration of antique barometers in any condition. We can restore both mercury and aneroid barometers. We employ highly qualified barometer restorers to ensure that you get highest quality services.